Lithium reunion gig

Posted 2005-06-08

Legendary SA rock outfit Lithium is set to perform a much-awaited reunion gig in Johannesburg following their explosive reunion performance in Cape Town recently. Many a Johannesburg Lithium fan writhed in disappointment at having missed what was to be a once-off reunion gig, but now, Alter-Ego Record Company presents the original Lithium line-up live at the Roxy Rhythm Bar in Melville on Saturday, June 25, as well as one of Gauteng's most powerful rock outfits, The Narrow.

The combination of Lithium and The Narrow on stage in one evening is sure to make for one of the most memorable events in the rock scene this year.

Front man Dave Owens says he was “really happy” with the first reunion gig in Cape Town. “Considering we broke up in 1999, I thought there was still quite a lot of interest in the band: lots of old faces, but also a new, younger crowd that came to see what we were up to. I sometimes forget that a lot of the 20-somethings out there don't actually know anything about Lithium, which is exciting because it means there is a whole new generation of potential fans out there for us! “

And it seem that Lithium appeal just never fades - not for the hundreds of screaming fans that attended the Cape Town gig, or for the band. “It was really fun playing the old songs again. Some of the early tunes are 12 years old, but still very relevant today. It was hard putting a set together with so much material to choose from, but we tried to compromise to get a good mix of songs from all our releases,” says Owens.

The band will be playing songs from all their releases including The Demo, Broken, Take Out EP, Zennon Supertroopers, and the Century Depravation cassette.

These performances might also be the start of bigger things. “We are planning a "Best of" CD (plus four new tracks) to be released by Alter Ego Record company, including a bonus DVD of live material, behind the scenes footage as well as extra audio stuff too,“ says Owens. The DVD/Video will be edited from the many hours of footage the band has in in storage including The Iron Maiden tour, the legendary Bandslam of ’96 “and all the craziness in between and after,” says Owens.

Of Lithium's decision to get on stage and rock for their fans once again, Owens says: ”It just feels like there is some unfinished business to take care of. It has been a long time coming. We have all been busy with our own lives for the last six years and we've moved on in so many ways, but the time just feels right now to come together and do it.”

Lithium is also looking forward to doing the show in Johannesburg with The Narrow. “They pull such a awesomely-mixed crowd of fans together and I think there will be a good show of Lithium supporters too. Barney Simon, who really gave Lithium our big break back in 1993, will be MCing the gig, so it is bound to be a crazy evening all round,” says Owens.

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