Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors is an energetic new all-girl force from Johannesburg that brings new meaning to the phrase power-pop. With driving guitars, chunky basslines, punk-styled drumming and catchy melodies, the message behind the band is pure fun.

Consising of Michelle Nortje on bass, Jackie Oldfield on guitar, Kerry Oldfield on drums and Caroline Hillary on vocals, the band spent 3 years on the live music scene as The Phoebes, but split due to a former member's decision to persue other interests. The new band is musically tighter, less rigid in it's genre and more crafted towards producing good songs. Steering away from any stereo-types, they have opened up to include rock, industrial, punk and pop in their repertoire, making them more versatile and free to express their social messages through music. Still driven by daily life and love in their lyrics, the songs on their debut album Beautifully Bruised have shown a maturity and growth both musically and lyrically. With top production by Jon Buckley, the recording experience has moulded the girls into quality song-writers. Their live performances kicked off with an afternoon slot at the Woodstock 6 festival and a string of gigs to follow.

The debut album from Running With Scissors, Beautifully Bruised took 4 months in the Sonovision Studios with producer Jon Buckley to perfect. Consisting of 11 original tracks and 2 cover versions (by Blondie and The Smiths), the album shows a remarkable growth in the members of the band since the days of The Phoebes. Incorporating ballads into the repertoire for the first time, the band has produced a strong cross-section of material, with a range of musical styles. Never straying too far from the pop punk sound they originated from, the album was originally written by all the girls in the band, with Caroline penning the lyrics. Post-production brought some major changes out in the songs and with co-writing skills from Jon Buckley, the album was finally finished in October 2004 and will be released in January 2005.

Beautifully Bruised · 2006