Jo'burg five piece fires off a wicked second salvo of rap-metal ordnance. Pestroy may well be the best rock band in SA, generating a live buzz unrivalled since the Nudies' heyday, when every second babe wanted to gargle Arno's DNA. They capture the live energy well, largely due to being tight as Steve Austin's wheelnuts and having cunningly-eared vocalist Tripwire producing. It's fast-slow metal like Korn, with just enough melody to evoke Tool. The twin guitars keep it dynamic without axemen Jim and Gump having to resort to solos. The rhythm section provides the most African elements, even alluding to reggae at times, but we won't tell if you don’t. Mad moments are Re-Lie In Truth with Hanu of The Narrow, Obligation, and the bedonderde drum' n' bass mix of proof by DJ Cyberaeon.

Listen to when wishing to slip into a psychotic rage and not giving a damn whether your C2 vertebra stays aligned with your neck. As the bassist said to the groupie, get hold of it. It'll become a local classic, like that Nude Girls disc with the big eye on it.

Counter Attack · 2004
Split · 2004