fe'tish / n. (1) inanimate object worshipped for its perceived inherent spiritual or magical powers. (2) procedure or ritual followed obsessively, or an object of obsessive devotion. (3) an object other than the sexual organs that is handled or visualised as an aid to sexual stimulation.

Fetish is also a Cape Town band who've proven themselves - numorously - as one of SA's top acts. More recently when they became the first local band to sign with Virgin Records.

But Fetish is no overnight success. They've been around for 4 years, in which it took them longer than most bands to emerge from their home town and play elsewhere in the country. According to the band, their first priority was to get the music right and worry about gigging later. "We are serious about this band, and we didn't want to go for the big time before we were ready." The results are obvious - a highly polished sound, much deserved radioplay and a loyal fanbase.

More proof of their painstaking determination is their debut album, fetish, which was completely self-financed. This included hand-made, tie-dyed cloth CD covers, each with a unique number visible only under ultra-violet light. Only 1000 were made, but the stage was set for much bigger things to come...

The current lineup consists of Michelle Breeze on vocals, Dominic Forrest on guitars, David Fiene on keyboards, Jeremy Daniel on bass and Ross Campbell on drums. They all bring different influences and musical tastes to the table, from the Chilli Peppers and Radiohead, to Portishead and Massive Attack. This is what gives Fetish their intense, edgy sound - a multi-layered, atmospheric electronic/rock crossover.

This intensity demands a lot from audiences that are more used to dancing around and having a good time than listening critically to songs, but Fetish jokingly pride themselves on not being a get-up-and-dance band. They need people to listen to the music and respond to it. They caught Virgin's attention at a gig in Gauteng, who consequently signed them and produced their second full-length album, So Many Prophets.

So Many Prophets · 1999
Shade of a Ghost (CDS) · 1999
Fetish · 1997