Epicure is Evad Llages (bass), Doyle Strime (drums), Dick Richards (lead guitar) and Guy Ailion (vocals). Their mix of eclectic hard rock and experimental melodic rock creates a fusion with the passion of the head-banger and the sincere truth of opinionated poets. Epicure have taken a jump onto the stage representing a new hyperactive and fresh sound. It is so unique it’s almost indefinable. The band’s slogan “Attention-Deficit-Hyperactive-Disorder” might just be the perfect description of their music and stage presence. “...band practices are noisy but out of chaos comes beauty, like the birth of an over-grown baby rhino”, said Doyle. The band concur that they are patriots and want to just rock the South African rock scene.

Epicure first released themselves to the ears of the RPS Emerging Sounds competition judges in 2004 and went straight to the annual finals at Caesars. They currently play all rock venues around Johannesburg building up a cult following. They are busy recording their first EP with Circus Studios set for release in May 2005. Their first single Mocking Yourself, a politically motivated anthem, is available for download from the bands website.

The band has tried comparing its sound with the many bands we listen to and confidently can say that there is no definitive match. Our influences are bands that are considered heavier rock bands. We are attracted to their passion in their raw quality and that element is easily definable in our sound. We try create music that is not conformist in many ways. In the way that we structure our songs by trying to vary the sequencing of breakdowns and solo’s and so on. We are also very strict when choosing the riffs that will be used in our songs. If it sounds similar to something we’ve heard we scrap it. An important element in our design stage is that every member of the band knows what he wants and lets his voice be heard. We all shout and compete till a compromise is made and no one member is unhappy. Being fussy as well as open minded allows for good productive experimentation.

The sound of the band is unique because it just is. The influences vary and our taste varies as we keep developing. The band writes the music with intensity and emotion. We also try to compose most of the songs around the lyrics or in conjunction to the lyrics. The band believes the lyrics are a large selling point. They are not all angry words, they deal with issues that everyone goes through but at the same time are very opinionated beliefs and theories, not just stories. They have the depth that allows the songs to have versatility in their performance. When sung, the chorus’ are catchy and passionate, when further understood, the songs entire lyrics convey messages and thoughts through poetry and metaphors that can be felt on a deeply personal level to the band and fan.

We love the music we make. The music is both honest in its simplicity and therefore it becomes interactive music when on stage. It is enjoyed on a physical level as well as a cerebral level. Just listen to the music, try defining it, singing with it, understanding it, then relating to it personally, and enjoying it.