10c Short

After playing with various bands, members of 10c Short, Abe and Nathan Houck, Wayne De Sousa and Dylan Bolton got together on May 1, 2003 for a jam for the opening of the Nelspruit Crossing. After its success members decided to continue and develop the band realizing its potential.

Months later after several gigs and short tours, RP Studios and Emerging Sounds battle of the bands came to Nelspruit. At this time 10c Short decided to participate in the competition in which the end result was a tie with a Nelspruit local band. 2 weeks later, they progressed to the Semi-finals at the Colliseum, Ceasar's Palace, Johannesburg where they played and won against a Nels local band and 3 other bands from around the country placing them in the finals 3 months later at Circus Maximus, Ceasar's Palace, Johannesburg. After winning this competition, the band won a contract with Sheer Music and an opportunity to record an album at RP Studios with engineer, Daryll Torr.

In January, 2005, 10c Short arrived in Johannesburg to record their album with Daryll Torr at RP Studios. Although a ten song album was required, 12 songs were layed down in a week.

By July, 2005, 10c Short's album The Lonely Colour Green will be released. Until then the band has returned to Nelspruit to continue giging and writing music in anticipation of the release of their debut album.

The Lonely Colour Green · 2005